Improving Enhanced Vision Systems

KERR AVIONICS’ patented technology matches an encoded LED beacon on the ground (a slightly-modified LED runway or LZ light) with a video camera on board an aircraft and so penetrate obscurants such as fog — virtually eliminating missed approaches. The FAA has dubbed this approach IQVR for Instrument Qualified Visual Range. IQVR (or Synchronous Detection)  essentially ‘TURBO-CHARGES” current Enhanced Vision Systems and enables the pilot/operator to acquire  landing zone 30% to 50% sooner than human or EVS vision alone.

IQVR promises to virtually eliminate balked landings due to poor visibility. As such, it constitutes a mechanism for reducing air transport greenhouse gas emissions by significantly improving the efficiency of air traffic flow by reducing diversions, holding patterns, go-arounds, etc. caused by visibility related airport closures. The product is primarily software that resides on the manned aircraft or UAS, “turbo-charging” existing equipment.

For aircraft equipped with Enhanced Vision Systems the software resides in-line between the EVS Sensor pack and the CPU.  For aircraft without EVS, a simple commercially available off the shelf video camera mounted inside the aircraft or on the Drone (UAS) will suffice.

Commercially Available off the shelf LED lighting elements, from hand held flashlights to Runway and Landing Zone lighting elements require a simple “in-line” modification to the ground side of the power circuit.